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Our team is well trained to provide the best customer service as well as understand the clients’ needs. Our goal is to accommodate and serve those needs while understanding that your property comes first. Whether you’re a facility manager, government contracting or HOA Representative, we are here to take on the task of keeping your property beautiful, all the while maintaining and increasing its value.


The services we provide:

  • Plant and Tree care

  • Water management

  • Integrated Weed Management and Fertilization

  • Irrigation and Landscape installation 


Leafwise strides with offering the most for its clients, with monthly walks, full landscape reports, and weekly checklists, while focusing on every detail to ensure we deliver the best service possible to our current and future clients, that's Leafwise guarantee and we take pride in it. Please don't hesitate in calling or submitting a contact form and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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